EuroDNS | What are the launch phases?

What are the launch phases?

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2019 10:51AM CET

The new domain extensions are being launched in bite size pieces and each new domain will have its own launch date and specific periods to allow different groups to register their domain names. 

This article will explain: 

What's the Sunrise/Trademark holder period?

What's the Landrush/Early Access period?

What's General Availability?

What’s the Sunrise/Trademark holder period?

The Sunrise or Trademark holder period is the opening phase and each new domain extension has one, lasting at least 30 days. It’s the period exclusively for trademark holders registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse allowing them to register the domain name that matches their trademark and protect their brand.

Waiting until Landrush or General Availability means that someone else could attempt to register your brand in the meantime. You only have to register your trademark once with the TMCH to be eligible to register in any Sunrise phase.

What’s the Landrush/Early Access period?

The Landrush or Early Access period is the first opportunity for non-trademark holders to try and register the domain names of their choice, regardless of trademark rights. This period, governed by the relevant domain registry, is usually held for 30 days, and is typically - first come, first served. During this period, governed by the registry, customers can pay a premium price to register their domain names before the domain opens up to the public in General Availability.

Typically this period is used to register popular generic/common terms. In some cases, a Sunrise and Landrush phase will run in parallel; if during this time there are duplicate applications, an auction is held with the registrants involved.

We will ask for a registration/annual fee, if you are unsuccessful in your registration we will of course, fully refund you. The registry of the relevant domain will ask for a setup fee; regrettably this is non-refundable.

This phase is not mandatory so some of the new domain extensions will go straight to General Availability after completing their Sunrise phase.

What’s General Availability?

Following Landrush is General Availability (GA). It's an open-ended period when everyone can try to register the domain names they want. During this period, domain registrations are granted on a first come, first served basis and occur in real time. 

Please note that for most new gTLDs, we accept pre-orders for the General Availability launch on a first come, first served basis, and our systems will register domains the very second that GA begins. We accept only one pre-order per domain name, and you will receive a full refund should we be unable to secure your domain name.