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3-D Secure, what is it and do I have to use it?

3-D Secure is an additional layer of security where your bank verifies the identity of the cardholder, and helps to make online payments safer. If you are subscribed to this service at your bank, when ordering something online you will be redirected to your bank's website and asked to enter your password – your payment will not go through if you do...

Jun 22, 2014 04:35PM CEST

When do I receive my invoices for the orders?

Please be informed that once you passed your order(s), the invoice will be delivered as soon as the order is completed and the products have been delivered. if you have opted for monthly invoice you will receive it in the beginning of the following month. We can not deliver an invoice if the order is not completed.

Feb 08, 2018 09:21AM CET