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How to activate the Jetpack license on my Wordpress hosting?

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2019 02:10PM CEST

The Jetpack license needs to be activated if you have a Wordpress hosting subscription. It can be only activated if the domain is well pointed to your Wordpress hosting and a SSL certificate is installed there.

If this is the case, you need to follow the steps indicated below to activate the Jetpack license:
  1. In your EuroDNS account go to PRODUCTS > WORDPRESS.
  2. In the section Control panel click on MANAGE WORDPRESS.
  3. Enter your login and password for your Wordpress site.
  4. In the dashboard section click on Set up Jetpack.
  5. If you want to create a new Jetpack account, click on Create a new account. (If you already have a Jetpack account, just enter your username and password.)
  6. To create the new account, enter an email address, an username and a password and click on Create your account.
  7. You will receive an email to confirm your Jetpack account. Please click on Confirm now there.
  8. Your new Jetpack license is now activated.
You will find here more information on Jetpack:

If you have questions about Jetpack services, need assistance with them or with the WordPress configuration, please contact their support team: