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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 02:03PM CET

To order a domain name, see the instructions here.

The registrant can be :
3.1. Any private person or legal entities with legal or commercial registration in the Republic of Bulgaria or EU member state, or holders of a constituent act issued by a Bulgarian State Authority; entities, established by virtue of an agreement between Bulgaria and other countries; companies and organizations, registered abroad, having a registered branch or commercial representative office in the Republic of Bulgaria.

3.2. Efficient persons, Bulgarian citizens, foreigners with the right for permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or citizens of an EU member state.

3.3. Legal entities, registered abroad, having authorized a third entity to register a DOMAIN NAME. The authorized entity shall meet the criteria under 3.1. or 3.2.

The registrants from non-European countries should have an authorized person within the EU and the Power of attorney for the authorized person should be notarized and with apostille.

- If the registrant is a private person, the application form for domain name registration must be notarized and this is the only needed document

- If the registrant is a legal entity , the application form must be signed by the company manager and stamped with the company stamp. In the case that the company manager is not able to sign and the document is signed by another person ( for example legal representative), it is needed a notarized Power of attorney in original or a notarized copy of the notarized POA.

Also, we'll need a copy of the company certificate of good standing, Company legal status or other applicable document where the name of the company manager is visible in order for us to make sure that the person who has signed our Application form or who authorizes someone else is duly authorized to sign on behalf of the said company.

All the application documents must be sent to the Registry in original paper, via post. They must be approved by us before mailing to the .bg Registry.

Registration Delay: 15-30 days (depending on response time and document mailing times)