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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 02:03PM CET

To order a domain name, see the instructions here.

Strict registration requirements and vetting of .BANK registrants are limited to officially recognized banking institutions. .BANK domain names can only be registered by: 

  • Banking institutions that are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority.
  • Associations or groups of associations whose members are chartered and supervised by a government regulatory authority.
  • Service providers owned by or supporting banking institutions.
  • Government regulators of credit institutions.

Proxy registrations are not authorized for this extension.

The .BANK registry may offer premium domain names that are subject to non-standard registration and renewal fees. Please ask us about pricing for these domain names.

Registrants will need to provide yearly evidence that they are a member of the banking community (business license, certificate of formation, articles of incorporation, corporate operating agreement, charter documents, attorney opinion letter, the mission statement for non-profit organizations). For banks and savings associations, the assigned regulatory ID and government regulatory authority issuing its charter or license.

We strongly advise you to contact our sales team before applying to register your .BANK domain name.

For some additional information on restrictions, verifications, requirements and more: Please refer to the following: and