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Where are the configuration settings for my webmail?

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2019 08:18AM CET

The configuration settings in your webmail account are located on the top-right:

1. Go to:

The username is the complete email address, for example:
The password is the one you created when you activated this mailbox.

Click on "Sign in".

2. On the top-right click on the menu icon and then on "Settings".

The webmail interface is full configurable. The most important mail settings are the following:

A) Basic settings: you can configure the language of the webinterface and the time zone. You can also edit and change the your contact details.

B) Accounts: you can add here external mailboxes hosted by other providers like Gmail,, etc. See this support article for detailed steps:

C) In the Email section you can configure:

Auto Forwards and email forwarding rules: see the detailed configuration steps below

Catch-all to external email addresses. To do this you first need to activate the catch-all option in your account as described here:

Then you need to configure a forwarding rule to the external email address as indicated here:

Vacation or absence notices.