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How do I activate my purchased SSL certificate ?

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2018 02:47PM CET

Once you purchase your SSL certificate, you need to activate it.

To activate your premium SSL certificate, you first need your Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The CSR contains your certificate application information and can be generated with your server software. Please contact your server administrator or your hosting provider to obtain it.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you need an SSL certificate for both: the host www and the APEX domain (e.g. and, the CSR must be generated for the common name If you generate the CSR for only the APEX domain: e.g., the SSL certificate will only be valid for the APEX domain (e.g. but NOT for the host www (e.g.

IMPORTANT: in addition, if you need the SSL certificate to secure both the host www and the apex domain: and, then you need to validate the SSL certificate on the apex domain: (not on

IMPORTANT: when you generate the CSR, a private key will be generated. Please keep this private key secret to avoid any other party misusing your SSL certificate.

Once you have the CSR ready, please follow these steps to activate your SSL certificate:

1. Log in to your account.
2. Go to PRODUCTS > SSL.
3. Click on ACTIVATE next to the SSL certificate product in question.
4. If you want to add the SSL certificate to a domain registered with us, please check the option Domain name with us. Then select the domain in the dropdown menu.
If the certificate is for a domain registered elsewhere, please check the option: Domain name with another provider and enter the domain name in the field below.
5. Copy paste the CSR or upload the text file including it.
6. Click on REGISTER CSR. Please review the CSR information on the right to be sure that it is correct.
7. Select the validation option:
Email: please select an email address in the dropdown menu.
URL: metatag.
Text record: if the domain is registered with us and uses our name servers, the TXT record will be automatically added to the DNS zone of the domain.
8. Confirm the contact profile of the domain owner.

IMPORTANT: please note that the SSL certificate must be activated within 90 days otherwise it will automatically and irrevocably expire.