EuroDNS | My domain transfer has the status "...

My domain transfer has the status "Waiting for client approval"

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 07:59AM CEST

Please be informed that the approval email has been sent to the current administrative contact email address as shown in the WHOIS database.

As long as transfer hasn't been approved it will not be processed.

As soon as the admin-c has approved the email it will take five days for the transfer to complete unless the current registrar approves transfer before.

If the administrative contact email address is not reachable or no longer exists, we recommend you update the administrative contact with a new valid email address at your current registrar.

The approval email is sent four times. The first sending takes place on the transfer request and then on 7th day, 14th day and 21st day after the transfer request.

The transfer will be closed automatically after 28 days if the email hasn't been approved.