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How do I renew my domain(s) with a wired money transfer?

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017 08:39AM CEST

If you would like to pay your renewal with a wired money transfer you will need to start your money transfer at least 15 days prior to the renewal date in order to assure that the funds are credited in due time on your EuroDNS prepaid account.

A. Check the amount to pay
  1. Log in to your EuroDNS account and click DOMAIN NAMES.
  2. Click on EXPIRING SOON
  3. Select the domain(s) you want to renew.
  4. Select the subscription period (1 to 10 Years).
  5. Click on ADD TO CART to view the amount to put on your EuroDNS prepaid account.
B. Wired funds

To credit your EuroDNS account, please make a wire transfer to our bank account below:
  • Bank name: Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat
  • Account number: 1555-4152-6
  • IBAN number: LU54 0019 1555 4152 6000
  • Bank Identification Code: BCEELULL
Important: Please mention your login on the payment in order to identify your EuroDNS account.

Note: You can prepay any amount to your credit account. The funds will be credited entirely. Only bank fees will be on your charge, if applicable.
You will only be able to initiate your renewal or reactivation process when the funds have been successfully credited to your EuroDNS prepaid account.

C. Renew or Reactivate your domain by using your EuroDNS prepaid account.
  1. Log in to your EuroDNS account and go to DOMAIN NAMES.
  2. In the case of a domain renewal, go to DOMAIN NAMES > EXPIRING SOON. In the case of a domain reactivation, go to DOMAIN NAMES > QUARANTINE.
  3. Select the domain(s) to renew/reactivate.
  4. Choose the number of years to renew/reactivate.
  5. Click on ADD TO CART.
  6. Automatically you will use the amount that you transferred to your Credit account.
  7. Check the box I have read and I accept the EuroDNS terms and conditions and finalise the order.