EuroDNS | What is a shared access?

What is a shared access?

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2019 08:23AM CET

Shared access is a way to allow more than one person to access your account, with shared access it is also possible to create different levels of account access so different users can have different rights and privileges. This feature is useful if you want to give a third party access to your account, while retaining overall control.
The different levels of account access are summarised below:

Viewer profile - users can only see the domain details overview, but cannot perform any action.

Config profile - users have more rights than the Viewer user, and can edit DNS zones, but cannot access the billing area.

Buyer profile - users have similar access to the Manager profile, but domain folder creation is not available.

Manager profile - users have the highest level of access.
This feature is very convenient to give access to a third party while keeping your privacy and full control.