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How do I use one web hosting pack for multiple domains/websites?

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018 03:29PM CET

You can now host multiple sites for different domains in only one hosting pack (limited to 10 domains).
  • You just need to configure one home folder under /htdocs for each website/domain.
  • Afterwards you need to use the Domain Pointers in your Hosting Control Panel to point the domain to their respective directory within /htdocs in the web server.
  • Please also ensure that the different domains are pointed to the same IP address of your web server via DNS zone in your account.

However, there are some limitations in the features:
  • You can use the website builder for only one of the domains. The sites for the rest of the domains needs to be made by you and either uploaded onto the web server or installed via the function Open Source Applications in your hosting control panel (WordPress, etc...). If you use WordPress, please also ensure that WordPress is set as the default for the homepage. This won't conflict with other websites/domains within the same web hosting pack because you have already hosted them in different sub directories and pointed them using the Domain Pointers.