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Last Updated: Jan 14, 2014 02:16PM CET

This article explains how you can pay your invoices and the various methods available. It covers credit cards, PayPal, and your credit account. There is also an explanation about 3-D Secure and payment splitting.

This section contains articles about:

Payment methods available to you

How to make a payment with your credit card

Payments split between your credit card and credit account

Using PayPal for paying

3-D Secure, what is it and do I have to use it?

What payment methods are available to me?

Once you reach the checkout you can choose your payment method. We currently offer three choices:

  1. Pay with your credit card (Visa/MasterCard/AmEx) using our secured payment system
  2. Pay using your credit account. If it doesn't have sufficient funds you can either increase the balance to cover or split between your account and credit card/PayPal
  3. We do accept PayPal, but ask you to please contact for the terms & conditions
  • Regrettably, we do not accept cheques.

How do I make a payment with my credit card?

Paying for the domain name(s) in your shopping cart…

Congratulations, you found the domain name you wanted, it’s in your shopping cart, you've configured the settings, and now you want to pay (well not really, but unfortunately you have to). It’s very easy, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the blue Review and Payment button
  2. Check the details are correct and enter your credit card type and details
  3. Place Order, and you’re done

You will receive email confirmation of your order and registration, validation of your payment; and an email of your invoice. Please do not hesitate to contact our Support team if you have any difficulties.

Paying your invoice(s)… 

  1. Log into your EuroDNS account
  2. Enter your Control Panel, select Open Invoices
  3. Tick the invoices you would like to pay, then Pay Global Total
  4. Enter your credit card type and details, then click Pay

Thank you for your payment, you will receive email confirmation shortly.

Can I divide my payment between my credit card and credit account?

If you have a credit account with sufficient funds to cover your order, the payment will automatically be taken from here. If your funds are low, our system will use the remaining funds and then offer you the option of paying the balance using your credit card or your PayPal account. Please check out How to increase the balance of your credit account if you would like full payment taken from there.

Can I pay using my PayPal account?

We do accept PayPal, but ask you to please contact for the terms & conditions.

3-D Secure, what is it and do I have to use it?

3-D Secure is an additional layer of security where your bank verifies the identity of the cardholder, and helps to make online payments safer. If you are subscribed to this service at your bank, when ordering something online you will be redirected to your bank's website and asked to enter your password – your payment will not go through if you don’t enter the correct password.

You don’t have to use 3-D Secure and if you have opted out at your bank, you will still be able to make your payment without using this feature.